517 Creative is a full service photography and video studio located in Canton, OH. We provide product, advertising, and architectural photography for businesses utilizing state of the art equipment and cutting edge techniques to help our clients reach their audience and make an impression.

Cutting through the noise 

With over 25 years combined experience in still and motion media, co-owners Matt Murphy and Luke Gaul bring a passion for creating world class imagery.

Utilizing the world's highest quality equipment and techniques as well as a deep passion for the craft, we aim to create images that grab viewers attention and showcase products and spaces in unique ways. 

Whether working for an advertising agency or direct with a local manufacturer or architect, we take pride in creating amazing experiences for our clients while remaining true to expectations, budgets, and deadlines. Ultimately, we are honored to work with every client and aim to create images that convey the passion, precision, and beauty of the products and spaces they create.

We'd love to show you what we're capable of!

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